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Your message needs to be designed, refined, and delivered. It needs to reach your market in a way that appeals to them. It has to tell your story and put your audience in the picture. This is true about marketing content, corporate content, books, translations, and anything with words.

Think persuasion, or better yet, enlightenment.

The Writing Ghost® does content and more - strategy, management, and creation of every single piece of information about your message, where it goes, how it sounds, how it looks and who will see it. Fully bilingual, The Ghost delivers inspired content in both English and Spanish.


Let The Ghost do her thing. You will be intrigued, impressed, and pleased.  


I can read your mind. Well, not really, but it feels like it.


Compelling words to convey your message through social media, websites, email, advertisement, public relations, and general marketing.


Reliable conversion from one language to another, maintaining humor, idioms, and cultural nuances. English/Spanish.

Book Editing

Organization and perfection of a manuscript, so it is clear, accurate and inviting for the reader.


The creation of an intellectual entity that is recognizable, unique, and credible.


Getting the technical details right to place your book in your reader's hands. 

Ball pen on book

Words are visual

Old typewriter letters

Words are images
that our brain translates into

feelings, and emotions

You can impact with just words.

You need the right words. Your words.




  • SEO

  • Websites

  • Social media

  • Digital content

  • Ghostwriting

  • Branding

  • Ads

  • Press Releases

  • Editorials

  • Advertorials

  • Articles

  • Brochures

  • Corporate documents

  • Scientific publications

  • Résumé

The Writing Ghost - Writing Pen

Indie Publishing

  • Book Editing

  • ISBN number

  • LCCN number

  • Book design

  • Cover design

  • Cover copy

  • Teaser and description

  • Upload to distribution platforms

  • Press Release

  • Book Proposal

  • Publicity materials






  • AARP de Puerto Rico

  • Artefacto, Inc.

  • Advanced Logistics, LLC

  • C*Mar Corporation

  • Chef Marisoll

  • Clínica Quiropráctica Jarrot Sierra

  • Covert Intelligence, LLC

  • Dr. Norman González-Chacón

  • Ensis Technologies

  • Fave Nutrition

  • Fox Engineering

  • GBPM

  • Herbman Healing

  • Infinity Insurance Company

  • Iván Figueroa-Otero, MD

  • José Enrico Valenzuela, Esq.

  • Laurel Tree Fabric & Fibre

  • Len Cobb, Author

  • Mercado - Marisoll + L'Olivo

  • Ñañaritos®

  • Orquesta de Acordeones de Puerto Rico

  • ReadConmigo

  • Ronda Pro

  • Spectrum Home & Family Care

  • Spotzer - Netherlands

  • SUAGM - Turabo


  • Slocan Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Translate Media - UK

  • V. Rodríguez-Balasquide, MD

  • Valhalla Foundation for Ecology

  • Walter Arroyo Law & ICT Consulting



  • Axel Serrant

  • Bárbara Flores

  • Bianca Negrón

  • Brenda Feliciano

  • Cesia Estebané

  • Christina López

  • Dan Santiago

  • El Trotamundos

  • Emilia Concepción

  • Emily González

  • Fernando Fernández, P.I.

  • Ingrid Borges

  • Iván Figueroa Otero

  • Jaime Leal

  • Jesús Aquino

  • Joe González

  • Jorge Jarrot Sierra

  • José Enrico Valenzuela Alvarado

  • Lydibel Porrata

  • Mayra Rosa

  • Militza Narváez

  • Nancy Viana

  • Norman González Chacón

  • Reinaldo Oquendo

  • Sherami Conesa

  • Yamilé Vicéns

  • Yazmín Irizarry


It was a complete pleasure to work with Yasmin developing the website and 

e-newsletter for our environmental conservation organization. Her design work is excellent, she is a patient teacher of newbies to the software, and is knowledgeable about all the best ways to brand one's online presence.

—  Lorna Visser, Director at Valhalla Foundation for Ecology