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Book Publishing

Publishing a book involves a lot more than getting the words right. Your publishing budget needs to reflect it all for it to be real. Once the book is written and edited, it needs to be designed inside and out. There are choices, like book size, fonts, and design elements, and each option has its purpose. Are you going with a literary agent, a hybrid publisher, or self-publishing?


If you're self-publishing, there are more decisions to be made, like the publishing platform, price point, book launch, marketing strategy, and more.


The Writing Ghost is your guide through this journey and will be your advocate while navigating the myriad of choices involved in publishing a book. Book a full Book Publishing Consultation for $120 USD. For a full hour, we will cover everything you need to know, with time to discuss your project and questions.


Regardless of whether you contract our services or not, you will leave with a roadmap on how to publish your book. It’s a one-hour seminar with your own Q&A section. You will have all the information you need to make your final publishing decisions!

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